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    Since our establishment in 1978, Tung Fong Motor Car Accessories Co Ltd has been serving the Hong Kong auto parts market for more than 40 years. In the early years, we began as a humble company specialising Japanese auto parts and imported accessories. Throughout the decades, Tung Fong has built up its reputation through word of mouth and support from our loyal and dedicated customers which enable us to transform our local business into the Mainland China and overseas market. In the present years, we are proud to have developed our own radiator brand known as GOLPHER Radiators. (for details, please click ABOUT GOLPHER)


    Our Hong Kong branch offers free local delivery service which we aim to have our products delivered on the same day or the next business day at the most. Alternatively, our customers can choose to pick up from our retail shop located in Hung Hom, Kowloon at their convenience. We not only provide radiators for Japanese and European cars, our tailor-made radiator, intercooler and oil-cooler service can also apply to vintage cars, trucks, engineering machines and so forth. We welcome our customers to come with their current product for customization and with our precise mechanical production, yet we are able to deliver the end product within 1-2 weeks time. Every product comes with a six-month warranty to assure our customers are satisfied and confident in using our products.


    In recent years, Tung Fong has strengthened and maintained our reputation in the local market. In 2017, we are recognized by the HKSAR government as a genuine company through the approval of the BUD enterprise funding to finance our branding and event promotions in Mainland China to promote our GOLPHER radiator brand. Not only we continue to expand our local market share in family and transportation vehicles, we are glad to provide commercial radiators to City Bus and New Bus Company to scales up our business to a broader level.


    Besides our Mainland China venture, Tung Fong has also set up our branch in Sydney, Australia for almost 20 years, known as “Michael Auto Parts” to reach out more customers from the Southern hemisphere so customers down under can enjoy our top-quality products and service regardless of geographical barriers. 

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