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    Since 1996, we have foreseen an enormous potential in the China automotive market and began entering the China market in retail selling and later in 2004, The birth of Golpher represents a significant milestone for Tung Fong as the company decided to invest in our own radiator brand and set up our production warehouse in Guangzhou, China.


    Our subsidiary company and warehouse – “GUANGZHOU GOLPHER RADIATOR” is located in the heart of Baiyun, Guangzhou, specialising in manufacturing radiator, intercooler and oil-cooler. Our quality is assured by the ISO 9001/9002 certification. Besides Hong Kong and Mainland market, Golpher is now being exported to Asia, Europe, and Middle East particularly due to high demand in hot countries. Our Aluminum radiator is highly reputable in efficiently reducing heat and maintain smooth performance under high temperature.


    Our team currently have 50+ technical and production staff and in 2017, our sales figure has accumulated to 45 million RMB dollars with an increase of 10% annually. Moreover, our export value is approximately 30 million RMB dollars and we expect to grow steadily in the coming years. GOLPHER has been participating in various trading expo across different cities in China, reaching both local and overseas potential customers. We look forward to take GOLPHER to great heights, continue to serve more drivers and the automotive industry.


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